The Filters Commonly Found In HVAC Systems

Each of these filters has their own different ways of operation. Nevertheless, their primary goal is preventing harmful substances from entering your home. They also keep your system free from larger debris that could further damage it. Lack of maintenance is the main reason why HVAC systems fail easily. By regularly changing the filters, you can prevent dust from building up and causing problems. Having the right filters means that airflow will be properly circulated so that it can maintain the optimal temperature throughout the building.

The need to chance filters in the HVAC system

Blocked filters can lead to overheating the compressor. This means spending more money on repairs, replacement parts and services. Keeping your filters clean can help you save money and help your air conditioning unit run efficiently.

Some of the filters in the HVAC system

All HVAC systems have filters and not all of them are created equal. These filters prevent, dust, pollen and other particles from contaminating the air flow inside a building. Here are some of the types of filters used in HVAC systems:

  • Pleated air filters
  • Fiberglass filters
  • UV filters
  • HEPA filters.

Why changing the air filters in HVAC system is necessary

Air filters are also affordable and extremely useful in air conditioning. They are responsible for keeping your system running consistently and smoothly. Even though it’s impossible to completely eradicate dust, air filters are capable of reducing the amount of dust particles inside the building.  Since most people spend a great amount of time indoors, it’s important for us to be breathing clean air inside our homes. This is another benefit of air filters. For people with medical history with allergies, asthma and general respiratory issues, air filters are especially effective for them as they are more prone to illnesses.

Enjoy cost effectiveness in HVAC system with frequent change of filters

Having a filter can be a cost effective, safe and comfortable way for you and your family to enjoy quality air flow within your home. Without a filter, you and other occupants are exposed to harmful particles capable of causing severe illnesses and allergic reactions. Filters are designed for air circulation and they are very easy to install and replace. It’s always good practice to replace your air filters every 90 days for ideal results. In fact, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, having an air filter can keep you safer since the corona virus is transmitted mainly through contaminated air. 


Air filters have definitely proven themselves to be useful, especially during these times of quarantine. Having them around benefits us in many ways including the health of the persons and the air surrounding them.